Super hero capes

Superhero Birthday Party Supplies

Superhero Birthday Party Supplies

For my son's fifth birthday, he wanted a superhero party. I wanted some supplies that would allow the kids to pretend they were superheroes. So I decided to make superhero capes for all the guests. My mother-in-law is very artsy-crafty, so she helped a lot. Overall it was really very simple, even if you aren't that kind of person, you should still be fine.

She found a simple pattern that was a kind of triangle shape with tabs at the top for fastening around the neck. She used the pattern to cut out shiny and felt-like fabric. After they were cut, she used attached a square of adhesive-backed velcro to the tabs on the top. I prefer this method to some of the capes I saw with tie closures. I think it's safer for the kids in case their cape gets snagged on something, and it's easier for them to put on and take off.

Once the basic structure was complete, it was time to decorate them a little bit. She used adhesive-backed felt to cut out the first letter of each child's name and some shapes. Then she placed these on the back of the capes. She stuck with triangles, ovals, or squares as a background for the child's initial, but really you could get creative and cut out lightning bolts, stars, symbols from popular superhero costumes, or whatever you want to decorate them with. Depending on the age of the kids, you could even use this as an activity at the party and let the kids decorate their own capes.

Superheroes also need to protect their identity, so I purchased some plastic Mardi-Gras style masks at the party store. You could probably easily make some masks from felt or foam, but I decided to take the easy route on this one since they were pretty inexpensive. When the kids arrived at the party, they were given their capes and allowed to choose a colored mask. They were so excited about their superhero costumes. And, they got to take them home. So it was a fun addition to the party, a sort of decoration, and a party favor all in one.

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