Pirate Games to Find a Pirates Booty!

by Jennifer
(Nashua, NH)

pirate games

pirate games

The best part of a kid’s birthday party, for a lot of kids, can be the favors. They go to the party and watch the birthday kid open all kinds of cool presents, its fun to get something exciting to. I like to have my favors go with the party theme.

Making a game out of finding them is always a fun thing to do. Of course you know where I'm going with a pirate party - a treasure hunt! This way it is both a game and a fun way to hand out party favors. Kids are always fun to watch when they find something they have been searching for! Before the hunt I think you need to get the kids into the pirate mindset. Dressing like a pirate is of course a fun way to accomplish this task. If you collect some paper bags from the grocery store and cut them they make great pirate vests. Just have each child decorate them how ever their little pirate heart’s desire. When everyone is dressed and ready you hand out the little treasure chests (you can buy these at a party supply store, or make them) to put all their little treasures in. Then inside the chest is your treasure map. This is very fun if all the kids work together to find everything. I tend to have around five stops on the map. At each stop I put something for them, enough for each child.

I love to hide everything so it isn't just walking around collecting things. I bury things, I hang things in trees. If you do this you need a fun activity to get them down. You could hang them with a rope connected to the ground. When they turn this or pull that everything comes crashing to the ground. Naturally you want to make sure it is nothing that will hurt anyone. At the beginning I like to hide additions to the costumes. Hats, eye patches, necklaces, etc. At one of the stops you may have them find telescopes. For the next one they may need to use the telescope to find their treasure. If you have a little something at each stop, no one gets bored. They will all be excited to go onto the next one. At the end where the "treasure" is I like to have a pile of fake (maybe candy or toys) gems and money. So along the way they find parts of a costume and at the end they find treasure. This is a sure fire hit for any pirate fan! Happy hunting!

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