Mom, I Want R2-D2 to Come to My Party!

I think he might have liked the edible R2D2 better!

I think he might have liked the edible R2D2 better!

by Jennifer(Vancouver, Canada)

My son turned seven and he desperately wanted R2-D2 - the little white and blue robot from Star Wars - to attend the party. After a brief discussion about 'movies' vs. 'reality', he reluctantly agreed that it wasn't possible for a fictional character to come. But I decided that I'd make him a cake!

I'm not a cake decorator, and I'd never really done anything like this before, so for more advanced cake bosses, this will be too easy.And all of this was decided at 11:00 o'clock at night, the day before his birthday, so if you have more time or more supplies, you might choose a different method. But for a beginner with no special equipment, it's perfect!

I made the shape of R2-D2's body out of a rectangle and half a circle, and then iced the whole thing white. I used a photo to guide me, and then I carefully scraped off the parts of the icing that needed to be blue. I did this by outlining the pieces with a knife and then scraping off the interior.

Then I mixed up some icing in a bag, putting in some blue food colouring, and adding a little water to give it a more watery consistency. Then I just cut a little hole in the bottom of the bag, and filled in the empty spaces. I made the blue filler more runny so that it would spread out evenly, without me trying to ice it flat, and messing up the clean edges.

R2-D2's eye is just a Lindt chocolate! Any other round candy would do.

My son loved it - so much that he almost didn't eat it!

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