How to Make Balloon Animals for Birthday Parties

How to Make Balloon Animals for Birthday Parties

Ethan's First Twist of a Balloon ...and the rest is history!

by Ethan(Schererville, IN)

Balloon animals are fun and easy to make. They make anytime turn into a party time.

My favorite balloon animal is one the easiest to do. It's the balloon animal dog. This requires a lot of twisting & turning of the balloon, but in no time, you've created a dog.

Once you've learned how to twist the dog, then doing the giraffe, the mouse or the cat are really pretty easy. They all requires about the same skill level of balloon twisting with the size of the individual bubbles differing.

Kids seem to love the monkeys in a palm tree with a banana or fighting swords. Likewise the butterflies or magical wands or flowers seem to be the most popular in a crowd.

I hope that when I grow up, I will be able to make all kinds of balloon animals. I will have been practicing for a long, long time.

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