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Birthday Invitation Ideas

Birthday Invitation Ideas

Birthdays are special and to make it more extraordinary, birthday invitations are very important. The party seems dull without the presence of family and friends. So inviting them on one’s birthday by sending unique, handmade or creative birthday invitations makes it all the more memorable.

I was planning my daughter’s teenage birthday party. After giving thought to what my daughter would prefer to write on her birthday invitation, I bought simple handmade paper and just printed “Come to my Party” on it. These were all personalized, handmade cards and my daughter personally wrote the rest of the details including the time, venue and date and a line on how to prevent global warming. It was a conscious decision on her part to make all the visitors aware of the impending situation on a subject that she is so passionate about and I liked her idea a lot and kept the theme of her birthday party as “Green Environment, Safe Environment”.

In consideration of her birthday party theme, the paper that we used was recycled after considering sending personalized e-cards to each of her friends via e-mail which is another unique and good paper saving idea. We didn’t opt for personalized e-cards because not all of her friends had email accounts.

I have seen people send birthday invitations in the various shapes and sizes such as a leaf, animal cuttings and cartoon characters. I loved the idea when one of my friends sent a personalized birthday card which had her daughters photo and on the card was written “You are a wonderful friend and I treasure you more with every year. Do come over to my birthday party.” It was unique and was very touching.

Birthday party invitations can vary according to age. Kids’ cards can be personalized by adding baby photos, cartoon characters, balloons and dolls .Teenagers and adults can make it a little more imaginative and creative by writing a few lines in poetic form such as:

• “We are throwing a party, expecting you to be coming!!!”
• “Join us for some real fun,
as the (recipient’s name) has turned twenty one.”
• “Cocktail, Dinner and much more,
join us and you will know what is in store……”

If a surprise party is what you are planning, the invitation can sometimes be written as:

“A Grand party is planned
You are invited to the show
But don’t tell the recipient
Because he/she doesn’t know."

These types of invitations make the birthday fun, exciting and a memorable one. Don’t forget to include these few things when preparing birthday invitations; the date, time, venue and the address should all be clearly mentioned or written.

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