Creative and Unique Birthday Invitation Ideas

Creative and Unique Birthday Invitation Ideas by Sneha(Mumbai,India)

I had a unique birthday invitation idea some months ago for a birthday party I was throwing for my son. I thought long and hard and wanted something unique that would be memorable and stand out and excite people about the upcoming party. I decided to use some scrap wood which I had at home, leftover from a home renovation project.

I took the wood pieces and carved them into different shapes and sizes to give it a unique look. After cutting them into the shapes and sizes, I used extra wood stain that I had and stained the wood to give it a more vibrant look. Then, I used some craft paper that I had purchased from the craft store and I cut out with craft scissors borders that I pasted onto the wood. I then, pasted a cartoon picture on it to give a little childish and fun feeling to the entire birthday invitation. I then wrote out the invitation using a permanent market in my own handwriting but in a very haywire manner because I didn’t want it to look very systematic but I wanted it to be as simple, fun and childish as possible. I then decorated the rest of the invitation using lots of various colors and made it look beautiful. I several different types of artist mediums such as glitter pens, shiny papers and glitter powder to make it look attractive but adding it my own personal touch.

Another idea that I thought of but am considering making for next year is personalized scrolls to send to each of my son’s friends. I am going to use the next year to see what type of recycled resources I will have available to me to make these unique birthday invitations. I am thinking that I might even place his photo on the top right corner of the scroll birthday invitation to make it personalized. I would love feedback and other ideas if you have to help me develop this birthday invitation idea over the course of the next year! Thank you.

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