Birthday Supplies Don't Need to Break the Bank

by Jennifer
(Nashua, NH)

Birthday Party Supplies

Birthday Party Supplies

Throwing a party can be an absolute blast. It can also be a nightmare when you start adding up the costs of everything and realize you still need to buy a gift. Well, it doesn't have to be that way! Making some of the party supplies can save you a ton of money. Just because you are making them does not mean you have to simplify or change any of your original ideas. You would be amazed what you can put together with stuff you may already have in the house.

Start with something simple like party hats. If you have a lot of kids coming to a party this alone could cost you some hard earned bucks. However, if you just take a paper plate and roll it into a cone shape and trim up the bottom you realize it already looks like a hat. You can decorate them like this or cover them with wrapping paper. On top you can add ribbon or a pompom. Just add a chin strap of ribbon or elastic and there you go. You can even use this as a party craft. Kids love to make things they can wear. Next let’s talk about those happy birthday banners. The cool ones with the individual letters that swing separate from each other can cost way more than they should. You can find templates for letters of any theme all over the internet. Pick which ones you like and print them out on card stock paper. Then using paper fasteners you can connect them and still have that fun mobility.

My last example is the great rip off that are cupcake toppers. There are a million things you can put on a cupcake to make it theme related. Even if you are a dud with frosting you can have great cupcakes easily. It can be as easy as printing out and laminating a picture that fits your theme and attaching them to toothpicks. I love making toppers out of food. Little cookies make great car wheels, parsley makes trees, coconut makes grass, and pretzels make fences and a billion other things. You get the idea, open your mind to what’s in your kitchen and I bet you can come up with a thousand ideas. Then when it comes to the birthday party favors, use your hands and not your wallet!

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