Alice In Wonderland Party

by Tina
(Los Angeles, CA)

Alice in Wonderland Party

Alice in Wonderland Party

Throwing an Alice in Wonderland Party can be a whole lot of fun. Some people opt for a Mad Hatter tea party for this theme while others use all of the characters to create the perfect party theme. Here are some ideas for birthday party supplies to throw an Alice in Wonderland Party.

Birthday party invitations can easily be made at home or ordered on the internet. Proper etiquette is to send out invitations 6 weeks before the party, giving your guests a period of 4 weeks to respond. Invitations should match the theme of your party or give some kind of hint or reference to the theme of the party. Be sure to pay attention to the wording.

Example: For an Alice and Wonderland Party you might word it as:
“Don’t be late for an important date"

Birthday decorations can be made at home or purchased to match the colors of your theme. I have always found that the local dollar stores always have the best decorations at the best price. You can turn little items from nothing into creative props that people have never seen before.

Example: I purchased these little silver trays for a dollar, baked cupcakes, put the cupcakes around the tray and wrote on each on using it as an edible clock. (Pictured above)

Birthday party food can always be bought or made. If you’re going to make the party food, keep in mind you want to do something that's going to make your life easy; such as sausage and peppers, or hamburgers and hot dogs. Remember not to make your life difficult and use something that won't go bad.

Birthday party favors are always the most fun! If doing a children’s party, why not do something they can decorate and bring home; such as decorating your own cupcake?

When I did my Alice and Wonderland theme party I gave out little bags with tea cookies and tea bags. Again go to your local dollar store and get creative with what you find!

Birthday party games- You have to be as creative as possible here, if it's a child’s party, use your theme. If you’re going to play pin the tail on the donkey, you might want to do pin the hat on the Mad Hatter ... be creative which will add to the fun! For an adult party you can do a drinking game, and take shots from tea cups to make it more interesting, or play a card game using giant sized playing cards.

Cake is always fun and keep in mind cupcakes are really in style now. Try going to your local grocery store and have them make the cake to match your theme. For a more economical idea consider purchasing a cupcake stand and making the cupcakes yourself to match the theme of your Alice in Wonderland party. Cupcakes are the new thing! People are paying a fortune for them meanwhile you can make them yourself.

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