A unique centerpiece

by Sweetu

Pastry doll centerpiece

Pastry doll centerpiece

I have a daughter who is thirteen years old. So on her last birthday, I decided to celebrate it in a grand style as she was entering her teens. She is very fond of dolls. I decided the birthday centerpiece would be a doll baked and decorated by me.

I hired an event management company to take charge of the planning but I decided that I wanted to be in charge of designing and decorating the centerpieces along with the cake for her birthday.

My daughter was very excited, as it was the first time that her birthday was being celebrated so lavishly. I got the idea to prepare a Barbie’s nest from one of my friend. She had very creative and innovative ideas.

I baked thirteen small round shaped pastries and stacked them to the shape of a doll. The facial features were piped onto the pastry through a piping bag. I made the strands of hair by caramelizing sugar and putting them inside a bowl of ice cold water. This process created the perfect hair of the doll. Once set it was immediately taken and placed on the top of the pastry. Finally my centerpiece was ready and I baked a cake in the shape of a guitar for her as she is an avid guitar player.

The party started at 7:30 pm. All the invited guests arrived and it was time to cut the cake. The guests thought that the event management people brought the centerpieces. They were amazed to hear that I made such beautiful centerpieces.

My daughter was euphoric and spent the day celebrating and enjoying her friends. Now she sometimes reminisces about her last birthday party and is trying to get me to repeat the same style for her 14th birthday party!!

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