A Memorial Day Birthday!

A Memorial Day Birthday! by Jennifer(Comstock Park, Mi)

My son had his 12th birthday this year on Memorial Day. When I asked him what kind of cake he wanted this year he said chocolate but that he wanted something to honor America instead of his birthday. I was floored that my 12 year old was growing up to be such a wonderful little American and so very proud of his country!

I knew that we would be having a Memorial Day picnic with his Grandma and our family and a cake is usually a mess to add into a picnic so I decided to go the route of making cupcakes instead!

After making a batch of of Cupcakes the night before I decided that simple frosting and an American flag on a toothpick just wasn't special enough for my almost teenage son who was so very patriotic thanks to his Daddy and his Uncles serving their time in Iraq over the past few years!

I wanted this cake to be special not only for my sons birthday and for Memorial Day, but also something his Daddy would be proud of and proud to share with his Marine friends! I decided to decorate all of the Cupcakes as one big cake and make it look as if it was the Flag of the United States of America! I really believe it turned out just awesome, and in my sons words when he saw it it was just super awesome!

Everyone loved the cake which was just a simple chocolate cake recipe made into cupcakes and frosted to look like the Flag for the United States of America! I think it was the decorating that made everyone love the cake soo very much though!

It was an awesome birthday cake and Memorial Day cake as well. My son is now patiently waiting for an email back from his Dad letting him know what he thought of his very special birthday cake! I know he will just love it as much as the rest of us did, that's for sure!

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