A centerpiece so sweet that everyone raved about!

birthday centerpiece ideas

birthday centerpiece ideas

by Pam(San Francisco)

Our daughter Sony loves sweets. For her 10th birthday party we decided to use this as the theme for her party. Everything was related to candy. All of the decorations, invitations, centerpieces and even the favors were candy themed.

The centerpieces were a big hit since they also doubled as dessert for the kids. I found a plastic container that I filled to the top with conversation hearts, jelly beans and some rock candy. I then purchased large swirl lollipops and placed them in the center. Around the perimeter of the container (under the bigger lollipops) I placed regular sized lollipops in various flavors. I also made sure to have Ziploc plastic bags at every table just in case the kids decided they "didn't want anymore and wanted to save it for later". This centerpiece became the most attractive aspect in the party and I heard lots of great feedback about them from the kids and their parents!

Sony had a great time at her party and asked if we could do the same theme again next year. Have to see what I can think up from now until then!

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