The cake that everyone loved!

birthday cake


by Ashwin(India)

My cake story began way back in February 2010 when one of my friends slated to get married decided to order a customized wedding cake from one of the best cake makers in town. The taste of that cake was spellbinding, you could actually feel the cake melt in your mouth the instant it hit the tongue. That was it, I decided that is the place I am going for my birthday cake. The sight of the shop was jaw dropping. The number of varieties, the flavours, shapes, sizes, designs, it was like a fairytale. To select one from those numbers was going to be a difficult task. But there it was, the most beautiful of the lot. A chocolate cake, beautifully designed with flowers and roses and cream tossed on top to give it that royal look. I immediately placed an order for the same cake, and I dreamt of it ever since. Come the day, and I was eagerly awaiting the arrival of that piece of marvel. And there it came, neatly covered in cream and looking much more beautiful and desirable than the replica that I had seen. The guests loved it, and each one kept mentioning the cake throughout the party. More than the food, it was the cake that got the maximum enquiries that day. I still keep getting calls for the shop's number!

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