Teenage Birthday Party Ideas

Teenage Birthday Party Ideas

Even if they're too cool to admit it, teenagers still enjoy a birthday party in their honor.

To help you move beyond a Barbie or Superhero party, we've compiled a few teenage birthday party ideas for a memorable teen party.

Teenage Party Ideas - First, consider the following:

  1. Budget - Be sure to include the cost of food, decorations, rental expenses, and entertainment. Get input from your teen about how to earmark the dollars.
  2. Chaperones - Will the party be co-ed? If so, will you need additional chaperones?
  3. Chaperones - Additional Expenses - Will you be hosting the party at home, or at a local restaurant, bowling alley, or park? Will you hire professionals to help with the party?

Next, let your teen help choose a theme for his party. Popular teen party themes include:

  1. Teenage Birthday Party Ideas Bonfire Party - For a budget-friendly bash, consider a bonfire celebration. Limit the menu to foods that can be cooked on a stick, and transform the garage into a dancing area.
  2. Teenage Birthday Party Ideas Fear Factor Party - Set up an obstacle course, and design your own food challenges with platters of chunky, meat-flavored baby food, slices of head cheese and souse, and heaping bowls of delicaciesfrom your local ethnic grocery store.
  3. Teenage Birthday Party Ideas Spa Party - Stock up on manicure, pedicure, and facial supplies, and indulge your teen and her friends with a little pampering. For an extra-special treat, hire a professional to do an in-home spa party and treat the guests to makeovers.

Teenage Party Games

Teenage Birthday Party Ideas

While it's unlikely the teens will be clamoring for a piƱata, most traditional teenage party games are campy enough for them to enjoy. Put a modern spin on musical chairs with the addition of Top 10 dance hits, or take the party outdoors with an egg-spoon race or water balloon toss. Other teenage birthday party games include scavenger hunts, truth or dare (with limits!), or two truths and one lie.

Teen Birthday Gifts

Teenage Birthday Party Ideas

Budget-friendly gift ideas for teenage boys include sports team memorabilia, gift certificates for game rentals and music downloads, earbuds, or movie passes, while popular birthday gifts for teenage girls include scents and lotions, hair products, lip glosses, jewelry, and make-up.

Whether your teen birthday party is a full-blown backyard bash or a handful of special friends, all of the attendees will be sure to have a "totally awesome" time.

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