How to Host a Hollywood Party Worthy of the Stars

Hollywood Party

Even if you're not a movie buff, Oscar night is the perfect excuse to host a Hollywood Party.

Here are some tips for hosting a star-studded event in your own home.

Hollywood Theme Party

Hollywood Party Your guests have to dress up! An Oscar party isn't any fun unless the guests are dressed to the nines. Don't accept any excuses from your guests about having nothing to wear. A little black dress and some costume jewelry is all it takes to feel like a star. It's good to play dress up every now and then and, when your guests are feeling like a million bucks in their fancy duds, they'll thank you for making them participate!

Oscar Party Food

Hollywood Party Nobody eats in Hollywood, but your guests probably do! Have some finger foods on hand, nothing too messy because you don't want your guests getting their clothes dirty. Veggie trays, cheese and crackers and fruit kebabs are easy to handle and don't make a mess.
Mocktails or cocktails are a must. Champagne or non-alcoholic sparkling cider is most appropriate because this is what they serve at all the Oscar night parties in Hollywood. It doesn't have to be an expensive champagne or cider. You can buy cheap champagne or cider and create your own label to wrap around the bottle. Whichever drink you choose, champagne or sparkling cider they should be served in flutes. If you don't have enough glass champagne flutes, buy cheap plastic ones. The fun of the party is in pretending to be a star!
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Hollywood Party Decorations

Hollywood Party You don't need a ton of decorations for an Oscar party. Party supply stores sell Hollywood and Oscar themed decorations, so you could pick up some of these if you choose. Black and silver or black and gold are appropriate color schemes for a Hollywood party. Black napkins and plates with clusters of gold or silver balloons would be enough to set the mood without costing you a fortune.
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Night of the Oscars

Hollywood Party Turn the TV to the Oscars if your party happens to be planned for the same night. Even if your guests aren't interested in many of the awards, it's fun to see the stars in their gowns and listen to the jokes from the emcee. Most people will want to watch the Best Actor and Actress award presentation, as well as the award for Best Picture. Make sure you have enough room in your living room for everyone to gather around the TV, or turn on the television in other rooms as well so every guest gets a good view.
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Hollywood Party Games

At a theme party such as this one, games can be fun. Some guests may be reluctant, but games are an excellent way to get quiet guests talking. A perfect game for an Oscar party is to write the names of celebrities on index cards and tape them to each guest's back. The guest can't see the name on their own card and they get to ask 20 questions to figure out their celebrity identity. They can only ask yes or no questions. A betting pool for the winner of Best Picture is a fun game as well. Have prizes for the winners, anything from a bottle of wine to a set of movie tickets.
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An Oscar party is a great excuse to dress up and have a few drinks or mocktails depending on the ages of the guests. It's a fairly simple and inexpensive party because it requires little to no decorations. So send out your invites and tell your friends to pull out their swankiest attire. Who says you're too old to play dress up!?!