Birthday Party Favors

Birthday Party Favors

If you'll be hosting a birthday party soon, start thinking about incorporating party favors into your plans.

Birthday party favors add to the festive mood, while expressing your appreciation to guests.

Adult Birthday Party Favors

Birthday Party Favors

For party favor ideas, use your event's theme for inspiration. For adult birthday party favors with a classy flair, opt for wine bottle stoppers, gourmet coffee pouches, candles, and eco-friendly items like water bottles and collapsible shopping totes for unique party favors.

Practical items, such as kitchen utensils, office supplies, free coffee coupons, manicure kits, clip-on antiseptic sprays and sun block, bookmarks, lottery tickets, and elegant hand soaps and lotions are always appreciated, and make excellent adult party favors.

Party Favors for Kids

Birthday Party Favors

When choosing party favors for kids, let the season be your guide. For springtime parties, send children home with bundles of seed packets. In the fall, pass out character pencils and fun school supplies. During summer months, distribute zany sunglasses and bubble wands. In the winter, let them take home flavored lip balms and indoor activities, such as coloring books and sticker books.

Party favor bags filled with temporary tattoos, stickers, candy, stuffed animals, and small books also make terrific birthday party favor ideas.

Personalized Birthday Favors

Birthday Party Favors

For an extra special touch, send guests home with personalized birthday favors. Engrave the party date on key chains, or have a birthday message, such as RIP - Dave's Over the Hill inscribed on pencils, pens, candy bars, or magnets. For smaller guest lists, personalized zipper pulls and luggage tags with the guests' names inscribed on the front make a memorable impact without busting your budget.

Remember, fantastic party favors don't have to be expensive. Whatever parting gift you choose for your guests, they're sure to appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Tell Us About Your Birthday Party Favors and Ideas

Did you give birthday party favors that left people talking about it or do you have your own great birthday party favor ideas? Tell us all about it!

How were you able to research and find these birthday party favors? Were the party favors personalized or homemade, if so how did you go about customizing or making them?

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