Birthday Party Centerpiece Ideas


Centerpieces can complete the look of any festive gathering, tying party tables to the rest of the decor. Whether you're planning an elegant birthday party or hosting a casual get-together, here are a few birthday party centerpiece ideas to provide the finishing touch:

Floral Table Centerpiece Ideas

floral centerpiece ideas

Mother Nature's floral palette lends itself to virtually any party theme or color scheme. Bunches of red, white, and blue blossoms are a stunning addition to a patriotic birthday party table, while delicate pink blooms will add a feminine flair to your princess celebration. For a personal touch, create centerpieces using the birthday month flower of the guest of honor. Be sure to consider the vessel you'll be using as well. Even the simplest flower can look elegant when presented with pizzazz.

When choosing flowers for your birthday centerpieces, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • For sit down-dinners, limit arrangement height to six inches or less; otherwise, your guests will have to talk through or around the centerpiece. Some taller stems retain their elegance when cut down, while others may look awkward when trimmed. Seek the advice of your florist before cutting stems.
  • Avoid using scented flowers in your centerpiece. Not only will perfumed blossoms compete with the aroma of the food, they may also cause an allergic reaction.
  • If you're undecided about which flower color to choose, remember that white will gracefully accompany any birthday party decor.
Birthday Flower Cake Ideas for a Centerpiece

Balloon Centerpiece Ideas

balloon centerpiece ideas

Balloon Centerpiece Ideas Balloons add a festive touch to any event, and offer the best ideas for inexpensive centerpieces as an economical and versatile solution. To make a balloon centerpiece, simply fill balloons with helium, bundle with ribbon, and affix them to a weighted base. These types of centerpieces look best when all balloons are the same size, so it's a good idea to make a template by cutting a hole in a piece of cardboard to use for spot-checking while filling. Choose pre-printed balloons that coordinate with the party's theme, or make an elegant centerpiece using rich, metallic-toned balloons.

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Ideas for Inexpensive Centerpieces That Are Unique

Try adding a few decorative touches to your floral or balloon displays:
  • Use toy dump trucks, baskets, or festive hats to hold squat, brightly hued potted plants
  • Affix die cast cars, jewelry, candy or trinkets to sticks and insert them into your flower Birthday-Party-Centerpiece-Ideas
  • For a first birthday celebration, weight your balloon centerpiece with ABC blocks, stuffed animals, rattles, or toys

With a little finesse, you can finish your party tables in style with beautiful birthday party centerpieces.

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