Birthday Flower Cake

Birthday Flower Cake

You're probably familiar with birthstones, but did you know there's a special flower for every birth month as well?

This year, why not incorporate this birthday tradition into your celebration with a flower birthday cake? Real and artificial flowers are inexpensive and simple to use, adding a unique and meaningful dimension to any birthday cake.

The first step in planning your flower birthday cake is determining which flower to use. Below is a list of months with their corresponding birth flowers:

  1. January - Carnation
  2. February - Iris
  3. March - Daffodil
  4. April - Sweet Pea, Daisy
  5. May - Lily of the Valley
  6. June - Rose
  7. July - Larkspur
  8. August - Gladiolus
  9. September - Morning Glory, Aster
  10. October - Marigold
  11. November - Chrysanthemum
  12. December - Narcissus

Birthday Flower Cake Next, decide if you will be using artificial or real flowers or if you will be making them from icing or pressed sugar. If you'll be using artificial flowers on your birthday flower cake, wrap the stems in floral tape before inserting. If you'll be decorating with real flowers, make sure they haven't been treated with pesticides. For icing flowers, you can create your own designs using gum paste, marzipan, fondant, or butter cream frosting.

Birthday Flower Cake To keep fresh flowers looking their best, either freeze the blossoms and add them to the cake directly before serving, or coat them with a sugar glaze. To sugar glaze flowers, brush each blossom with a beaten egg white and then drizzle with sugar; dry for several hours before adding to the cake.
For a flower birthday cake in a pinch, take an undecorated cake to your local florist and ask them to create a decorative birthday arrangement for the top. Like birthday cake, flowers never go out of fashion. Enjoy creating meaningful confectionary masterpieces when you treat the special people in your life to a birthday flower cake.