60th Birthday Ideas

60th Birthday Ideas

Decade birthdays are worthy of celebration, and the 60th is no exception. If a special friend or family member is approaching this milestone, why not celebrate in style with a 60th birthday party? With these fun and memorable 60th birthday ideas, you'll put the last 59 celebrations to shame:

Murder Mystery Dinner Party

60th Birthday Ideas Purchase a murder mystery kit at your local bookstore or online, or write your own script featuring characters and events from the guest of honor's life.
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Game Party

Who says party games are just for kids? Break out board games and cards, host a few rounds of croquet and Bocce, and then award the winners with engraved trophies or faux gold medals.

Casino Party

60th Birthday Ideas Rent or purchase poker, roulette, Texas Hold 'Em, or baccarat tables, or make your own by draping tables with green felt and using white paint to mark off playing surfaces. Give each guest a set amount of play money to hit the tables with, and then award a "High Roller" prize to the guest with the most money at the end of the night. For a sophisticated touch, have waiters serve appetizers and drinks to the guests while they play.
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Spa Pampering Party

60th Birthday Ideas Reaching the 60th year of life is grounds for a little pampering. Hire a masseuse to treat the guests to chair massages, or enlist a traveling spa to set up manicure, pedicure, or facial stations.
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Young as You Feel Party

For a lively bash, host a karaoke night or throw a Mexican Fiesta, Hawaiian Luau, Mardi Gras, or Beach Party, complete with costumes.
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There's no shortage of fun and memorable 60th birthday ideas. With a little creativity and some help from friends, planning and hosting a 60th birthday celebration will be a piece of cake.

Here's a brilliant video of 3 performances dedicated to the guest of honor for her 60th Surprise Birthday Party!